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Health Screening

Health screening is an area of occupational health service where the health of employees could be affected due to the materials or the processes used at work.

In essence, health screening is about identifying risk and problems at an early stage and taking action to address them.  No matter how good your risk assessments and mitigating actions are, many industries such as manufacturing and construction will need to regularly monitor the health of their staff.  Therefore, as an employer, you are responsible for monitoring and acting on any health problems which may arise in your employees as a direct result of their work environment.

You need to know if work is affecting your employees health and maintain appropriate records. In some industries, health surveillance is required by law, with compulsory assessments required at specific intervals.

In other workplaces, health screening is recommended as good practice, protecting the health of your employees and overall business productivity. If you contact us, we can advise you on what health screening services may be useful for your organisation. Because we provide a direct service, there is no sub-contracting expense and set up is direct, prompt and simple.

What health screening services do you need?

Our health screening programmes combine detailed medical questionnaires with relevant examinations.  BHSF Newhall Medical Practice provides a full range of medicals including:

HSE Appointed Physicians

BHSF Newhall Medical Practice has extensive experience in health surveillance. Many of our physicians are also appointed doctors by the Health and Safety Executive for workplaces with potential exposure to asbestos, lead or ionising radiation. Dr Bryan Fehilly is also fully qualified to do surveillance in Hand Arm Vibration Syndrome (HAVS) up to Tier 4. Dr Fehilly is also accredited by UK Oil and Gas to carry out compulsory two yearly medicals for people working in the offshore industry, including oil, gas and wind turbines.

We provide all services at our central Birmingham practice. Alternatively, one of our specialist occupational health nurse advisors can run an on-site clinic at your premises. An efficiently run on-site clinic will to limit disruption to your business day. But it doesn’t stop there; medical results are promptly reviewed, records created and relevant actions advised.

Contact us to tell us about your needs and we’ll look at the most cost effective and efficient way to deliver your health screening.