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Absence management referrals (sickness absence medicals)

As experienced occupational health professionals, we undertake independent occupational health absence management referrals for a wide range of organisations.

Do you need an independent occupational health report?

Typically, you have an employee who has had a long period of sickness absence. This may be a month or it may be considerably longer. Or, you may have an employee with a history of multiple periods of short term sickness absence. You may have an employee with a serious illness who is determined to work and you need some help to ensure that you are supporting them appropriately.

Absenteeism can be costly to a business and in today’s economy everyone is looking at controlling costs. It’s important to proactively undertake professional absence management in your workplace.

We understand how costly and disruptive absence can be to an organisation. We have a proven track record of early intervention to help companies reduce their absence level and therefore the cost and impact of sickness. If you are struggling to agree a return to work strategy, or to improve attendance with an employee, then please seek our help at an early stage.

What does an independent absence management referral involve?

We’ll ask you to complete our management referral form. This will inform us of any relevant information about the employee’s duties, reason(s) for absence, absence history and the questions you would like answered. We’ll then arrange an appointment quickly, usually within a week of referral.

Our specialist occupational health doctors will have a detailed consultation with your employee. This assessment will include:

  • Full medical history.
  • Reasons behind sickness from work, encompassing any motivational, mental health and lifestyle issues.
  • In-depth assessment of the individual’s physical and mental well-being. The consultation will focus upon the effect of work on your health (or vice versa) and how to address these.
  • Proposals for a return to work strategy, including phased return or adjustments to role.

We will gain the employee’s consent to provide you with a detailed independent report, usually within 3 working days of the appointment. Our report will be bespoke for your employee, not a tick box exercise. Please note that the employee has the right to see a copy of this report.

Will an independent occupational health report help?

Long term and persistent sickness absence is often complex and challenging. The advantage in our reports is their detail and their independence. We will make decisions and provide you with clear recommendations. Your employee’s GP will supply “fit notes” but these are often very brief and crucially may not include a strategy for addressing the problem.

Although an absence management referral is inevitably sensitive, employees should feel confident coming to BHSF Newhall Medical Practice because we are a neutral, independent service.

To discuss how we can help your organisation, please contact us.

“Defining fitness for work and reasonable adjustments can be complex. It requires the doctor to have extensive experience in this area, fully understanding all the applicable legislation and importantly, the ability to reflect and bring together the perspectives of employee and employer.”
Dr Bryan Fehilly, Senior Occupational Health Physician