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Supporting a Grieving Colleague

It’s Mental Health Awareness Week and at BHSF Newhall Medical Practice, we recognise that many employees are dealing with grief which inhibits positive mental health. As awareness of poor mental health increases and the stigma reduces, what can you do to support a grieving colleague? Sometimes it’s hard to know how to offer support to a […] Read more

Understanding Health Surveillance

Are you an employee scheduled for a health surveillance appointment at work, but you don’t know why? Or are you the manager attempting to explain what health surveillance is? Dr Bryan Fehilly explains all in our latest blog article. What Is Health Surveillance? Under European and UK legislation, employees who are exposed to certain hazards in the workplace require […] Read more

health surveillance

Stress Symptoms

What are the signs and symptoms of stress? Dr Bryan Fehilly, Senior Occupational Health Physician explains how many stress symptoms are subtle and appear to bear little relation to the cause of the stress itself. What can checking my stress symptoms achieve? Many are feelings and behaviours which we may all show at one time or […] Read more

Part time nurse? Is it you we’re looking for?

We’re looking for a part time nurse to join our central Birmingham private clinic. Due to continued growth, BHSF Newhall Medical Practice is now recruiting a practice nurse for three days per week to join our busy team. We offer a good hourly rate (dependent on experience) and benefits, as you’d expect from part of the BHSF Ltd family, a leading employee benefits provider and […] Read more

Complete nutrition, sugar and salt

Continuing our theme of looking after ourselves, Practice Nurse Angela Weston explains where we find salt and sugar in our food. She provides advice on how to reduce our salt and sugar consumption. Sugar is found naturally in sugar cane, sugar beet and to lesser amounts in fruits and some root vegetables. It’s a combination of […] Read more